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Dhurmus Suntali In HongKong – AADHIKHOLA NITE-4

Sitaram Kattel, known as Comedian (Dhurmus), he was born in Solukhumbu district of Nepal where his early life and schooling was completed. He plays the character of Dhurmus in Meri Bassai most comedy TV serial in Nepal, which is broadcasted by NTV weekly basis. Dhurmush is a Nepali comedy actor, script writer, and director. He is one of the main characters of the Nepali TV series Meri Bassai.
Sitaram Kattel is very popular national level comedian artist of Nepal who is mostly very popular with the name of Dhurmus. He was born in Necha Betghari VDC of Solukhumkhu district (known as the district of Mt. Everest). He was born as the elder son of Bograj Kattel and Kamala Kattel on 4th of Asadh, 2040 BS. When he was 8 years old,his family migrated to Gauradaha.

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