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Gyanendrako Dhamki || Manoj Gajurel Best Comedy

Manoj Gajurel was also participated in Nepal’s Massive Rally in Washington DC protesting India Blockade. All the Nepalese living at Washington DC of America are protesting against Indian Blockade in front of White House, President Barak Obama’s Resident. It has been long period since India is doing blockade and Nepalese are suffering. Nepalese are facing a lot of problems due to an undeclared blockade. So, Nepalese citizens living in US protested against blockade in president’s residence. A Comic actor Manoj Gajurel also satire to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi through his performance.

Comic actor presented ironically against Indian Blockade. He added we Nepalese respect Indian land, Indian people and Indian freedom as we also expect same respect from India. He said added it is an example that wherever Nepali live or whatever language they speak or take the citizenship of but should never forget our motherland where we stand for the first time will be together when the country is in trouble. Gajurel also sang a song in a sarcastic way saying Nepal is not like a birthday cake to cut terai and hill into pieces and our country is not like the ground of world cup and public are not chess and Baghchal of tournament.

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