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Nepali Comedy Fun Funny Episode 4

Nepali kala online channel production of Nepali comedy program fourth episode released online. This is another best funniest video every produced in our community. Starting artist in this video are Binod rai and Ayusha Rai. In camera Navraj Khadka and edited by DJ. Story writer for this video done by binod Rai as well as direction. The story of the movie is blind man follow medical eye practitioner to get his eyes cured. unfortunately his eyes are fine just he is acting he is blind to show front of the beautiful woman get into extra fun.

In a modern sense comedy refers to discourse or work generally intended to be humorous or to amuse by inducing laughter, especially in theater, television, film and stand up comedy program. The origin of the term are found in ancient Greece. In the Athenian dem ocracy, the public option of voters was influence by the political satire performed by the comics poets at the theater.

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