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Nepali Village Life |Documentary

The Nepali Village life Vlogs are a set of video vlogs about Sarla Thapa trip that took Sarla back to her ancestral village ‘Mulabari’ in Tanahun district, Nepal (back in September 2012).
Watch Sarla attempting different daily village life chores to the best of her ability during her stay at the village.

Sarla Thapa says : My 7 day village life experience was a very unique exploration which will stay with me forever. I am sharing these videos so I can personally look back at my journey and I also hope the viewers can learn a little about the way of life in the villages in Nepal. One of most amazing documentaries made by Sarla thapa Documentary is Nepal Village Life : Watch video for further beautiful country of Nepal.

Nepal is a amazingly made a god gifted beautiful nation in south Asia, where are so many unbelievable imagine places. Nepal is the very watershed of Asia. Sand-witched between India and giant China.

Nepal is a multi-religious, multi-lingual and a multi cultural country in south Asia, located on the lap of the Himalayas. it stretches from rich subtropical forest to soaring Himalayan peaks: from jungly tiger habitat to the precipitous hunting grounds of the snow leopard. Climbing the hillside of one valley alone you can be sweltering in the shade of a banana palm in the morning, and sheltering from a snowstorm in the afternoon.

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