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Introducing Ridi Bazaar Gulmi Nepal (Documentary)

About 28km northwest of Tansen by road (or 13km on foot), the Newari village of Ridi Bazaar sits at the sacred confluence of the Kali Gandaki and Ridi Khola rivers. Ridi is a popular destination for pilgrimages, and the site is further sanctified by the presence of saligrams – the fossils of ammonites that are revered as symbols of Vishnu.
The principal religious monument in Ridi is the Rishikesh Mandir, which was founded by Mukunda Sen in the 16th century. According to legend, the Vishnu idol inside was discovered fully formed in the river and miraculously aged from boy to man. The temple is on the south bank of the Ridi Khola, near the bus stand.
To reach Ridi on foot, take the trail leading northwest from the Tansen–Tamghas road near Hotel Srinagar. Buses to Ridi (Rs 120, two hours) leave from the public bus stand in Tansen.
Saligrams are black stones that, when broken open, reveal the fossilised remains of prehistoric ammonites (molluscs) that lived in the ancient Tethys Sea 140 million years ago. During the geological collision that gave birth to the Himalayas, the sea dried up and the fossils ascended with the growing mountains. Today the Himalayas continue to rise and the Kali Gandaki and her tributaries wash through the ancient sediments to reveal these fossils. Hindus venerate saligrams as manifestations of the god Vishnu, who was turned to stone by the beautiful and virtuous Vrinda after he tried to seduce her.
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Some of the photos Credit to : http://rururidi.blogspot.co.uk (Sundar Kasaju)

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