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BENEFITS of YOGA practice – Anita Yadav

This video is dedicated to Nepalese living all over the world awareness purpose.

yoga can achieve HAPPINESS. We all seek happiness, but people generally seek outside themselves. Yoga teaches us to understand that HAPPINESS should be sought within us because HAPPINESS really means harmony of body, mind and soul. Practicing yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation, that physical, psychological, mental and spiritual balance that is the source of happiness can be achieved.
If you are correct and persistently practiced Yoga can give health and harmony. yoga offers countless ways to improve our lives and our destiny to grow and achieve self-knowledge. Yoga can increase our state of mind, and lead us to a spiritual experience.

Here are some BENEFITS of YOGA practice:
• Eliminates stress.
• Eliminates the psychological stress, depression and neurosis.
• Boosts memory and mental power.
• Balancing all structures of the human being.
• It stimulates the immune system.
• Induces a state of deep calm and inner peace.
• It opens the way to wisdom.
• It frees us from prejudices, inhibitions and constraints.
• It improves our ability to communicate with others.
• Harmonizes sexuality.
• Active willpower.
• Increases self-confidence.
• Facilitates success and fulfillment.
• Harmonizes the structure of the physical body, eliminating excess weight.
• Strengthens muscles.
• Increases concentration.
• Wake up and amplifies the disposition to love
• Open humans to genuine communication with God and the Universe.

Fast and loud globalized civilization that we have built does not help in the process of recovering the connection with our essence and the essence of everything.
Awakening the spirit is a political act that frees us from the chains of consumption, reconnects us to the universe and returns us the right perspective of life.

The eight ways that leads the Yoga practices from ignorance to enlightenment are follows

– Self-control (yama)
– Religious observance (niyama)
– Postures (asana)
– Breathing exercises (pranayama)
– Control of the senses (pratyahara)
– Concentration (dharana)
– Deep contemplation (dhyana)
– Enlightenment (samadhi).

If you would like information regarding group classes or schedule private yoga instruction, please feel free to contact us.we are looking forward to welcoming you, and working with you to achieve your goals.
we are willing to teach classes at home or office as well.

I was born and raised in Janakpur Nepal. I hold a Master degree in Childhood & Society with women’s Studies at University of Surrey Roehampton United Kingdom. I am Certified Yoga Teacher and Holistic Healer.

-Hatha Yoga Asanas (Beginners
-Intermediate, Advanced)
-Pranayama (Breathing Techniques)
-Mudra (Energy Movement Techniques)
-Bandha (Energy Locks)
-Shat Kriyas (Six Cleansing Techniques)
-Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)
-Kundalini Chakra
-Dhyana (Kundalini Chakra Meditation)
-Sapta Yoga Therapy & Yoga Ayurvedic Massage
-Fasting and Vegetarian Yogic cooking.
-Yoga philosophy of Patanjali, Gheranda Samhita and Hatha -Yoga Pradipika.

Please contact us if you think you would be interested in working together!

For more information , call +977-01-5551479, or email us at yoga@anitayadav.com

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Anita Yadav is Daughter First President of Nepal Dr Ram Baran Yadav . She plays a vital role in social activism, child obesity, women empowerment. Her work involves helping marginalized sections of society including women to enhance their livelihoods and reduce their vulnerability.she Establishes network among existing stakeholders (Local NGO, governments, international NGOs etc) for improving their capacity and also to improve their program coverage. She is also a Director / chairman at BP Samajik Sewa Kendra Janakpur Nepal.
Anita Yadav was born in Sapahi Village Development Committee (VDC), Ward No. 9, Dhanusa district of Nepal. Dhanusa lies in the south-central region of Terai-Madhesh in Nepal. Sapahi is rural area where MS Yadav was born and brought up by her parents Dr Ram Baran Yadav and late Julekha Yadav.

Yadav has a Masters of Arts degree in Health and Social Policy from London Metropolitan University. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Childhood and Society with Women’s Studies from the University of Surrey, Guildford, and she also has a diploma in fashion design from Cavendish College, London. www.anitayadav.com

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