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ARCHANA PANERU | New Live Interview | Nepali Movie Chesko

Archana Paneru who is studying at grade 10 posted nude photos on her facebook page which got good limelight within 24 hours. She also expressed that she wanted to be a porn star like Sunny Leone. When her photos got viral for 24 hours, police took her into custody and after getting caught by police, she dropped her aim to be porn star. Prior to entering erotic modeling, Archana attended Little Buddha Academy Mahendranagar and was the second runner off in Price & Princess of Mahendranagar beauty contest. Following the media scandals involving her nude photos, Archana was reportedly expelled from the school.
Archana has repeatedly said in media interviews that she takes Bolloywood actress and former porn-star Sunny Leone as an inspiration. Some people have compared Archana with another popular former erotic Nepali model in the USA, Bindu Pariyar. Bindu’s case, however, was of human trafficking and compulsion, whereas, Archana is said to be doing everything voluntarily.
ARCHANA PANERU | Funny Interview | Nepali Movie Chesko. Watch exclusively published by Highlights Nepal you tube channel.

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