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Sunita Gautam & Nishant : interview with Muiya

Interviewee – Sunita Gautam (Muiya) & Nishant Bajgai
Interviewer – Utsav Rasaili
Camera – Uddav Rasaili

Magne Budha Comedy actor from Nepal (Kedar Ghimire) was born to a well-off family. He neither had any ambitions for his life nor was he obsessed with one thing. He forever most well-liked living a subdued life. Kedar Ghimire, 32, a lot of popularly called “Magne Buda” of the “Meri Bassai” teleserial knew this that the road sooner than him wasn’t a bed of roses. He would have to be compelled to struggle lots as a result of there was nobody to point out him the approach or to back him up in times of want.

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