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Sweta Khadka Interview

Actress Sweta Khadka came into the movie industry through her debut movie “Kaha Bheteyela”. She has done visited more than 13 countries for movie and cultural programs. She has played in movies like “Hasideu Eak Fera” and “Shreeman Shreemati”. Besides movies, she has her own Exterior construction Company. She takes both business and movie field equally as business has helped her in her professional life and movie field has made her popular and close to public. She says ,”The present condition of Nepali movie industry is in confusion as they are unknown of what makes a Hit Movie. Along with that, due to advancement in digital technology low budget movies are also competing with the big banner movies and there are some movies that is so not digestible in Nepali socisty”. As for her future plan, she wants to develop he business even more and also make a good movie.

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