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Duniya Beglai Chha – Nicky Karki, Samir Acharya | Latest Nepali Hit Pop Song 2016

Hamro Aawaz is the program which is broadcasted on Concord Television. The program has interviewed Nicky Karki, the singer. She is active in singing songs in the recent time. In this context, the program has welcomed Nicky Karki. So far, the singer has sung the song, “Baneko Cha Pahara” and it is composed by the most prominent Nepali music composer, Gopal Yonjan. Karki in the program has stated that the problem resides in pronunciation as in the Hindi songs, there are so many fluctuations. She has also tried to sing Hindi songs and has been taking the classes so that she can sing English songs. In addition, she is asked about her profession. Karki has clarified that she wants to be a singer and has not thought about anything else. The presenter has asked her about her painful moment. Karki encountered the painful moment when she has to walk back to her home after being selected in one of the Nepali Singing contest out of 20. That was the most painful moment but she did not feel that she will be knocked out. Karki has stated that she wants to give chances to the new comers so that they can also share platform in the musical sector. The new comers should be admired and appreciated as well.
Song Title: Duniya Beglai Chha
Singer: Samir Acharya, Nicky Karki
Arranger: Aashish Abiral
Composer: Aashish Abiral
Lyrics: Aananda Adhikari
Artist: Puspa Khadka, Tanuja Gurung

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