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Ram Krishna Dhakal’s AAWARAN Ma Ladeko Matrai Hoon – Video Official

Latest Ram KIrishna Dhakal Music video Song title Ma Ladeko Matra Hoon, heart touching Vocal given by Ram Krishna Dhakal. Lyrics and music copose written by Manish Basistha and Hari Lamsal. Music Arrangement by Kiran Kandel. This song taken from album Aawaran. In camera Arjun Tiwari and team with director of Nikesh Khadka. Edited by Nishan Gihmire. Child aritist appearing in this video are Rani Dhakal and pralap tamang and main models are Raaj Neupane and others.
Ramkrishna Dhakal is a very well known most popular melody young musical artist from Nepal. He started his musical carrier since his early childhood by singing famous songs by Narayan Gopal. During his early period he struggled by singing among-st his group but after he got a break he established himself as one of the best Nepali singers. He rose to fame with his song “Orali lageko harin ko chhal bho”. As a small kid, he used to sing at social functions and events. People were impressed by his singing ability and voice. He modeled his singing style after Narayan Gopal; Dhakal acknowledges that he is a big fan of the late maestro. It would be fair to say that he benefited from the void left by Narayan Gopal’s death. People were looking for some one to fill the void. In fact, they were looking for the next Narayan Gopal. And the next Narayan Gopal was Ram Krishna Dhakal. But he was able to make his album and be a popular singer because of his god father (Gopal Karmacharya).

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