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Bishnu Majhi, Look Dohori Singer

Bishnu Majhi may be a terribly famous name within the Asian national musical business as she is one terribly far-famed singer of Nepal. A decades past, she debuted in folks songs and even currently, she has been incessantly singing songs. however whereas getting involved regarding her personal life, everyone seems to be raising a matter against her husband Sundar Mani Adhikari. in line with writer and creator and Bishnu’s neighbor Badal Ghimire, Bishnu has been unfree by her own husband. it absolutely was him United Nations agency brought her to capital of Nepal and created her a singer however currently once Bishnu succeeded, Badal acclaimed that she lives a awfully terrible and exhausting life owing to her husband’s narrowness in his thoughts and his negativity towards creative world. in line with Badal, Bishnu Majhi is all in restraint of Sunar Mani Adhikari thus she isn’t even near any of her colleagues, she doesn’t go abroad for programs and she or he isn’t seen anyplace publicly programs. Badal Ghimire discharged a press statement wherever true of Bishnu was processed and Sundar Mani was acclaimed for Bishnu’s silence. ‘Bishnu Majhi is violenced by Sundar Mani although he married her’ aforementioned Badal Ghimire. Even before 3 years, Badal had talked to press relating to Bishnu Majhi’s personal life however he was vulnerable by some unknown sources. ‘Some unknown callers vulnerable Maine spoken language they’re going to murder me’ aforementioned Badal. however Badal once more spoke up once 3 years taking the danger of his own life. Bishnu Majhi and Badal Ghimire were spoken from the similar place ‘Syanja’. 10 years before, Sundar Mani had taken Bishnu Majhi from Syanja showing her a dream of creating singer. Bishnu’s dream came true however the presence of Sundar Mani in her world created her life a nightmare. Badal has requested the medias to talk up for the correct of Bishnu and he even told the investigation needs to be done relating to Bishnu Majhi and Sundar Mani Adhikari. in line with Bishnu’s close to ones, Bishnu isn’t even allowed to hold a movable and her life is determined by Sundar Mani –

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