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India’s Reaction To Madhesi Violence In Nepal

Video Credit : Mudda.APN
Right now, Nepal is burning with violent protests by Madhesi community on legal, judicial and human rights issue. Since last 105 days, Nepal is going through severe agitation over the new constitution, which has the potential to disrupt India-Nepal relations. Experts from APN News debate the ongoing fight over constitution and fundamental rights of Madhesi community in Nepal, and carry an indepth analysis of the situation.

The ongoing condition of Nepal and the fights between madhesi party and the government is at its never ending journey, in both cases madhesi party is not ready to compromise non the government is and the bearer or victim for this clash are innocent Nepali citizens. The long protest by madhesi since 3 months and still going on in a destructive manner is not going to solve any problem but it is going to create more suffering inside the country according to the public. At the present day since the protest has begun more then 50 people have lost their lives , under these circumstances Madhesi leaders have decided on going to New Delhi to meet the Indian Leaders and discuss about the situation and are also seeking help from the Indian Leaders. According to Madhesi Leader Rajendra Mahato “Nepal government has done a great negligence regarding the issues of Madhesi and also been using arms to kill the innocent madhesi people.” and also described that chats with Nepal government has been unsuccessful several times because of the government itself because Nepal government has never been able to sum up the demands of Madhesi and also is not able to bring the proper proposal on Behalf of Madhesi People.

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