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Kalpana Karki’s tears after the news of her late daughter (NIsha Karki) in USA

The East Central University community is mourning the loss of one of its own. Twenty-year-old nursing student, Nisha Karki, from Kathmandu Nepal, passed away in the early morning, Wednesday, Nov. 16. This is a tragic loss for the Nepalese community and our thoughts remain with Nisha’s family and friends.

Her dad who used to work as a guide on the high Himalaya died on his returned from Mera Peak when she was 2 months old. Her mother Kalpana at a very young age struggled to raise her only child. She still works at a restaurant in Thamel. Ellen (On memory of Sir Joseph) paid all her school fees. 11 months ago when Nisha received visa, her mom used all her saving and sent her to USA for her further study.

Now with shocking news of her death – we are all very sad and keep running tears on our eyes. Anyone can guess how Nisha’s mother situation is. A tiny room at Nayabazar with smiling pictures of her only daughter Nisha is turning to pond of tear.
Let us help her mother see Nisha’s body one last time and complete her final rites.

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