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KP Oli on female empowerment in Nepal

KP Oli told that USA and UK could learn from Nepal.
Out of top 5 posts in the country 60 percent are female.
The constitution ensures that enough female participation in every aspect of government is ensured.

The ex-prime minister and his party CPN UML is against the constitution amendment proposed by the government. The government has proposed to change the federal layout and the official language.

K.P. Oli was born as Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli on 22 February 1952 in Atharai Iwa, Terhathum, Nepal where he spent most of his childhood days. Oli lost his mother, when he was the tender age of 3. He went on to attend Adarsha Secondary School based in Jhapa. In 2028 of the Nepali calendar BS, he passed his SLC examination and thus completed class 10. He did not study further than that. However, he recently got a doctorate from Green Ford International University. He was keen on becoming either a teacher or get into the medical or engineering field. Instead, he went on to join politics.

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