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Powerful earthquake rocks New Zealand

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake has rocked New Zealand, prompting a tsunami warning and knocking out power and phone services in many parts of the country. Prime Minister John Key said at least two people were killed in the powerful temblor.

An earthquake may be a shaking of the bottom caused by the fast breaking and movement of enormous sections (tectonic plates) of the earth’s rocky outer crust. the sides of the tectonic plates square measure marked by faults (or fractures). Most earthquakes occur on the fault lines once the plates slide past one another or collide against one another.The shifting plenty channelise shock waves that will be powerful enough to.alter the surface of the planet, gesture up cliffs and gap nice cracks within the ground and,cause nice injury … collapse of buildings and different unreal structures, broken power and gas lines (and the ensuing fire), landslides, snow avalanches, tsunamis (giant ocean waves) and volcanic eruption. Watch Video Earthquake recently taken place in New Zealand.

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