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Tamu Losar in Kathmandu 2015

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Tamu Losar, the New year festival of the Gurung (Tamu) community is being celebrated with much fanfare and excitement across the country.

Gurung people celebrate the festival as Tola Lhosar on the 15th of the Nepali month of Paush.

‘Lho’ means year and ‘Sar’ means new. In Kathmandu, people of the Gurung community are organizing various programmes in Tudhikhel and other parts of the city by bidding fare welling to the serpent year and welcoming the horse year.
The festival is celebrated by taking blessings from elders and exchanging good wishes with each other. .
A variety of cultural programmes including singing, dancing, traditional Gurung sports and others will be organized to mark the festival, Surya Gurung, General Secretary of main celebration committee told state-owned media on Sunday.

As part of the festival, the committee has organized the Tamu Journalism Award distribution, motorcycle rally, seminar and discussion about the festival among others. Meanwhile, the government has declared the day as a public holiday.


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