Saturday , January 21 2017
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New Nepali Panche Baja Video

Rakshya Music Presents latest panche baza video Song title ‘Karimko Lekha’. In this video Vocal given by Bijay Kc and Tara Gadal. Lyrics and music compose written by Bijay KC and Rajan Karki. Audio as well video production by Rakshya Music. Model appearing in this video are Bijay , Laxmi, Tulsa and Dilip. Exclusively post production as well as published by Rakshya Music.

Nepali Panche Baja & namati baza’s are traditional cultured based band is used in holy ceremonies like marriage (bibah) any other special occasion Events etc. But nowa days maily seen on rural areas where people living in poverty level and those who cannot afford latest musical instrument or bands. So people living in the villages remote site they are preserving Nepal’s tradition and culture. Also, Nepalese Peoples who lives outside the country they enjoy panche baza amazingly.

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