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New Panche baja song by Pashupati & Samjhana

Samjhana Digital Pvt. Ltd. exclusively presented by Lok song ‘Champa Chameli’ beautiful vocal by Samjhana Lamichhane Magar. Amazing lyrics by Ramesh B.G. and Music by Suresh Adhikari with direction of Prakash Bhatta. Special Artist appearance Samjhana Lamichhane Magar. Post Production of Sai Vision Pvt. Ltd.
Nepal is culturally rich beautiful country, where almost all day falls a festival because of so many culturally different ethnic group are living together in harmony. They respect each-other,s culture and participate as well.
Nepal is popular with different kinds of song like lok folk, lok modern,national or patriotic, lok Dohori, pop, comedy geet Movie songs we enjoy all of them according to context or situation.
Nepali lok Geet is popular forms of folk music, which is sing to express love,hate and other strong emotional feeling of something. lok geet is sung through different way eg. single ,double or on the form of debate that is known as ” Lok Dohori ”.
Dohori is the way that give quick answer to each other through the song is really interesting ,that gives us real entertainment on the spot. watch Today video which is published by SamjhanaDigital channel.

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