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PM Narendra Modi Tears Out when Mark Zuckerberg

Prime Minister Narendra Modi giving his statement along with Facebook chairperson Zuckerberg in united state while his visit. Watch video speaking about as follow :
Now, Zuckerberg asks PM Modi about his mother.

“I would really like to congratulate Mark’s parents for giving birth to Mark, they have helped connect the world,” PM Modi says.

Speaking of his mother, Modi says, “I came from a very humble family. It’s hard to imagine that a tea seller has become the leader of the world’s greatest democracy. For that I would like to thank the country.”

“My father is no longer with us. My mother is over 90 years old now. She does all her work herself. She is not educated, but through television she knows what is happening in the news,” he says.

“When we were young, to get by, we used to go to our neighbors houses and clean the dishes, fill water,” PM Modi..

“So you can imagine what a mother has to do to raise her children,” says an emotional Modi.

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