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The Spiritually Gifted Boy Aditya Dahal at Tapoban

According to news published on Image Television Nepal. Today Special show is focused on the four years old little boy Aditya Dahal from Chabahil, Kathmandu. He is also known as Nepali Google Boy. Aditya is different than the normal child of his age.

Aditya was a normal baby till he was two and a half. Then, he lost his ability of normal speech and movement.

1. Due to his disability, his parents never thought of admitting him into school as he can neither talk nor even sit without help from others.

2. About two months back, the parents found that he could write though no one in the family had taught him how to read or write.

writes flawless Nepali but it does take him a lot of time to write a single word.

4. He answers almost all the questions a four year old boy would not be able to understand. (Examples are given below)

5. He has knowledge of other languages (Korean …).

6. Under the curiosity of interviewers from Nepali news channels, he’s predicted things. (Scripted below)

Here’s the video with English subtitles where he demonstrates his super-normal ability.

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