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Jhyappai Barilai Pashupati Sharma and Anita Chalaune

Pashupati sharma is back with his another teej koseli titled as jhyappai barilai. In this song vocal is given by pashupati and anita chalaune.

He have also written lyrics and composed music for this. His previous song for this teej was pahila ka kasta. For this song shankar bc is the director for the video. He also is the male dancer with his dancing partner anita chalaune.

Teejai ko bela timle ra maile kinam kinam naya kapada kinam barilai,
gamle le kura kate ni katum, hinam hinam sangai milera hinam barilai,
aaja gaune ho geeta laja mandina chappai barilai, thapadi bajaideu jhyam jhyam
uthera nachne ho jhyaappai barilai ..

Teej is a generic name for three festivals that are celebrated in Nepal to welcome the monsoon season. It is primarily a festival celebrated by girls and ladies.The festival of Teej is dedicated to Goddess Parvati and her union with Lord Shiva. Its main aim is to promote and save the Nepali culture, tradition which are fading off day by day through lok dohori geet either from any cast or community from any part of Nepal. Watch Video and subscribe Music Nepal for upcoming latest video updates. Watch Video.

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