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Bimala Tamang- A brave little girl from Nuwakot

Sarala Thapa says about Bimala Tamang A Brave girl from Nuwakot Nepal :
I’m touched by the things she shared in this little video especially “Ma dhuki hunu pardaina” bit! She is just 14 but has been trough a lot at a very young age but her positivity and determination will take her far. Sadbhaw Scholarships Nepali Nepali lai aims to help many students like Bimala Tamang who can stay in school and reach their full potential with our little help! This summer, I hope to gather as many sponsors as possible from the UK to distribute scholarships to those students who need our support!
Sadbhaw scholarships initiative offers scholarships to needy and deserving children all around Nepal. To sponsor one child to receive an education for a whole year, it will only cost you Nrs.7000. The program shares the impact in a transparent way; the sponsors will receive videos and updates throughout the year; so the sponsors can keep track of the progress of the sponsorship recipient. If you wish, you can also visit them for an unforgettable experience to see for yourself the difference your sponsorship is making.
Please contact Sarala Thapa for more details! : Sarala Thapa Nepali Facebook

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