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Dobate Comedy TV Serial Episode 38 – 20th Aug 2015

Dobate it is a new pure Nepali comedy serial based on village life has been broadcasting By Himshikhar television Nepal weekly basis. Its a Nepali comedy serial Dobate. In this episode you can enjoy with the comedy satire about draft Constitution of Nepal. Nepali comedy actor of Meri Bassai Bandre has played in a plot of this episode. Funny romance of Khabare and Othare can make you laugh. To watch more subscribe our YouTube channel tvnepali.

Dobate a Nepali comedy serial has presented Transplanting of rice in Tarai region of Nepal. This episode can be helpful to understand how people are farming in Nepal. Presentation of our lead artist can be joy full for your day. To watch more subscribe our youtube channel tvnepali.

The purpose of this serial to make peoples extreme entertainment having with some public awareness topics etc.
Its only for entertainment & promotional purpose. Its a nepali comedy serial has bunch of comedy and satire. It has reflected social drawback and has given feedback. If you enjoy with nepali funny serial this can be your best choice

Its a social comedy based Nepali serial Dobate. Playback of Andre will be masala to laugh.In this episode mainly you can enjoy with the story of newly made states and their ruling in Nepal. How Dobate divide states and select minister, to know watch this episode for more subscribe our YouTube channel TVNepali.

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