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Jyoti Magar news

Hot and glamorous folk song singer Jyoti Magar’s news. She is known as a glamorous,hot and bold, controversial singer in Nepali lok Dohori song industry. She is beautiful,attractive and nice performer on the stage.
Nepali Folk singer Jyoti Magar has been on the top of the Nepali Media due to her hot glamorous appearance on videos and stage show. She was born in remote village of Rukum. Jyoti Thapa Magar is also Nepali one of the top hot Model and Singer In her early school age she used to sing songs at school in western city of Dang. Jyoti is a Nepali playback singer. She has sung more than 100s of Nepali songs. She has appeared in live programs in various countries like as, Denmark, Japan, Australia, Hong kong , USA, Uk, UAE and other countries.

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