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Lal Babu Pandit Speech

UML Leaders and Formal MInister Lal Babu Pandit in Madan bhandari study centre Programme
video by www.Nayapage.com
camera person Rabin RaI(दुर्लभ अन्तरे)

Jeevan Saathi with Lalbabu Pandit and Bimala Mahat
Jeevan Sathi is the program where the love story of famous personas is told via interview. Watch today interview in Jeeva Sathi with Deepak Malhotra and Sabita Malhotra only in Himalaya Television. Nepalese politician Lal Babu Pandit, the General Administration Minister, Lal Babu Pandit has also voiced to punish the government employees holding PR and Green Card. He says I believe, my hard work and struggle as a politician will always be dedicated to Nepal and Nepalese people. Today our main concern is to overcome the conflict of the nation, come to the logical conclusion of the ongoing peace process and to make a stable new people’s constitution for the betterment of the Nation. Lets join our hands for national interest. I am always trying to make good direction for the welfare of Nepalese people. My effort will remain to make fine party, fine governance, disciplined bureaucracy of country and all things is non suspend able with transparency. Today Talk focused on political Situation in Nepal.

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