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Music from the Himalayan Kingdom

Nepalese Folk Song/Music: Hill Boys/U n Us Band/Gurkha Band Original was by Buddhi Pariyar and was first recorded in Radio Nepal. The song was sung by Dwarika Lal Joshi and Sunder Shrestha. Tirtha Bahadur Gandarba is also attributed to collecting and singing this song. As this is a folk song of Nepal, it is hard to say whether a single person composed or wrote it. Usually, folk songs are composed and sung by the village people. People sing folk songs while doing everyday work, while walking up and down the hill, in fetes and festivals and this way the songs remain rooted in the society. Folk singers and musicians, pick up the tunes, collect the lyrics and arrange the music and subsequently record them. So, it will be difficult to say exactly where it started from and who actually composed it.

Sound in English:
Resham firiri, resham firiri
Udera jaunkee dandaa ma bhanjyang
Resham firiri

Kukuralai kuti kuti biralolai suri
Timro hamro mayapirti dobatoma kuri

Ek nale banduk, dui nale banduk, mirga lai takeko
Mirga lai mailey takeko hoina maya lai dakay ko

Aakash ma jahaz, sadak ma motor, na bhaye gaada cha
Yo mana jasto tyo mana bhaye tagatai gada cha

Saano ma sano gaai ko bachho bhirai ma, Ram, Ram
Chodera jaana sakina maile, baru maya sanghai jaun

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