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Open Request to Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi

Tithi’s Open Request to Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi from Kathamndu Nepal. Watch Video and support Tithi’s Special rquest to Modi.
It was in her usual queries she asked me why is there no fuel in Kathmandu? I tried explaining her what’s going on in the simplest way I could. She gave me that weird expression saying how is it possible for our neighboring country to behave in such rude way. This is when she wanted to say something to Mr. Modi. I think we need to educate our younger generation to political situation. So that they will feel imperative to stay in this country and do something. Girls like Tithi will make us proud someday with her leadership.

Modi is dictating to Nepalese Leaders now, to reform the constitution in favour of Indians who have obtained Nepalese citizens. Indian politician want to make Nepal like Sikkim. If they cannot make it like Sikkim or they want to make it like Bhutan. If they fail to make like Bhutan they want to make it Fizzy.
Sikkim is annexed in India by orchestrating an election buying the Pimp Lendup Dorje. Bhutan does not have any connection in the world, everything has to be gone through India. Bhutan does not have any diplomatic relation outside world apart from India. Bhutanese Monarchy survives because it is like an Indian colony. There is huge Indian population in Fizzy, they formed a government by hindering the right of original people of Fizzy. But Mahendra Chaudhari was ousted by force by Fizzian people. Now India want its people
to involve in politics and gain all the political power and annex Nepal in to India. This is outrageous for Nepalese people. That is the reason Modi mission is coming to Nepal to force Nepalese politicians to change the constitution in favour of Indian Living in Nepal. But they have to remember the case of Mahendra chaudhari In Fizzy few years back. Nepalese people would do the same, if the constitution allows to become prime minister and President to those who did not born in Nepal but they have got citizenship of Nepal.
India has not allowed to Sonia Gandhi to become prime minister of India because she is Italian born. What they don’t want to do in their own country, how they can force to Nepal ? – source : bhim Niraula Facebook

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