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New Nepali Historical Rateuli Song 2017

Ratauli is a song which only perform by ladies at wedding occasion. We have today absolutely different song then other song available online, in ratuauli song only ladies participation take place and mans are not allowed to watch this dance etc.
This was very funny before few year, but now a days, but now a days it’s going normal. when groom goes to get bride ladies start to dance at home. i remember one story when i saw this video. At six o’clock on april 21 the living room of my house fell in. We, my sister and I, were playing on the school grounds when the accident happened.

When we reached home a policeman was asking our father, “What were you doing when the room fell in?” “My wife and I were in the garden,” said my father, “I was digging in the garden when we heard a loud sound.” While my mother was crying, the policeman started talking to my father again. Then he came over to mother. “I was watering the new plants when it fell in,” mother said, “it gave me the biggest shock of my life”. We had never seen mother crying so we went up to her and gave her a big hug.

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